Employees sign up using their company email address and social media accounts. Admin(s) add links to content for their employees to share and can measure the effectiveness of the posts as they spread through employee networks. Employees can also add their own touch to the messages with comments.

It is used to spread interesting content to external employee networks and drive conversations. Examples of content are open positions, blogs, events, and industry news. Your employees will work as your brand advocates!.

SocioAdvocacy allows employees to get points for sharing that can be exchanged for rewards. Adding an incentive for employees makes them more likely to participate as they will get recognition and personal rewards. SocioAdvocacy can also be integrated to company intranet so that employees are exposed to fresh content regularly.!.

Admins can either add content directly or import it from RSS feeds. Employees can also submit content for admin approval..

Of course not! Updates about your work place not only give your friends the chance to revel in your success but also professional insight from an opinion they care about. Moreover, you’ll get to share content in several forms, ranging from infographics and images to articles, content which could make you look good. Far from spamming, your friends are going to be hooked in no time.

So, unless you’ve set out to deliberately irk your friends by sending out irrelevant pieces of content in bulk, we’re certain your friends would appreciate and in fact, look forward to the shares.

A simple ‘yes’ wouldn’t cover it; You are the whole and soul of the platform!

The marketing gurus tell us that your opinion, as an employee, is trusted more than even the CEO, let alone the media and online reviews! So don’t just limit your participation to sharing; show your love by suggesting creative and out-of-the-box campaign ideas and content you’d like to see and share with your friends via SocioAdvocacy.

As an active and engaged participant, you’re sure to see the dual benefits of SocioAdvocacy. Not only can you impress your colleagues with a true testament to your loyalty, but your organisation directly benefits from a truly authentic source of marketing. Amazing, we know.

Why not now? It’s the digital age and as the old adage goes  – it’s now or never! In a time when society takes it’s cues from updates off the web, we’ve grabbed at the opportunity to connect professional and personal networks to generate good ol’ fashioned organic traction by optimising the existing workforce of a company.

The genius that is SocioAdvocacy brilliantly adds the much needed structure and guidance to an employee advocacy program, all while maintaining its own unique touch and feel.

You get a spot in the limelight! Be the star that you can be and develop your personal brand by becoming a recognised brand ambassador for your organisation. Make your friends and family shine with pride (and a few green with envy) with developments and updates from your workplace shared on your personal networks.

One of the hardest things on the road to becoming a thought leader is developing content that’ll sufficiently build your credibility. With SocioAdvocacy,  we source the best content for you. So simply share it, sit back and reap the benefits.

It’s simple really; employee advocacy proves that you don’t need to shout in order to be heard.

Far from the blaring noise of advertisements that barely register a dent on the minds of your potential customers, SocioAdvocacy creates a far more effective way to market your product with resources that are already available at hand. Change the game, without breaking the bank. And before you question the powers of the time-tested word of mouth method, ask yourself – what good is an A-class product if no one’s talking about it, eh?

Here are a few sample posts:

  1. 1. Content Amplification
  • “I love this new infographic my marketing team just released.”
  • “Our CEO’s new blog post really shows off our awesome company culture. Check it out.”
  1. 2. Recruiting:
  • “This sounds like a great position, anybody know someone?”
  • “We’re hiring! Anyone know somebody great for this role?”
  1. 3. Events:
  • We’re going to be at an industry conference next week, come visit our booth and say hello!

See? Being a marketer, brand ambassador and an Employee Advocate all at the same time is easier than ever with SocioAdvocacy!