Reseller Advocacy for Insurance and MLM Companies

Reseller Advocacy for Insurance and MLM Companies


  • Insurance Advisors have to visit door-to-door to generate leads and the conversion process is slow.
  • If the advisors promote the brand’s products on social media, they and the brand cannot track the response.


  • SocioAdvocacy allows the brand to provide their Insurance Advisors/Resellers with a personal dashboard where they can see the entire product-related social media posts in one place.
  • When the Advisors share these posts with their personal social media networks, the sales link goes as a deep link that is unique to every advisor. Through this deep link, the leads or conversions can be associated with the Advisor who shared it.

Expected Results:

  • Increase in organic reach on Facebook and Twitter.
  • Increase in leads and conversions through social media.
  • Rise in conversions as a percentage of leads since the communication is shared by trusted sources.
  • Shorter lead generation to conversion cycle.
  • Effective tracking of conversions, helping the brand measure the performance of the advisors over a period of time and identify star performers.
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About the Author

SocioAdvocacy is an employee advocacy tool that lets employees discover and share official marketing communication with their external social networks. The gamified platform lets employees earn reward points for engaging with and sharing the content that makes the advocacy program gamified.

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