Six Mistakes to
Avoid When Launching an
Employee Advocacy Program

Employee Advocacy is a highly effective marketing strategy that is quickly gaining popularity as the leader in brand marketing

With the concept still in its nascent stage, many companies end up at roadblocks that can be easily avoided with the right insights.

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  • What is Employee Advocacy

    An understanding of the term and all it encompasses, along with the basic logic that supports its theory.

  • How Employee Advocacy can help your company increase its social reach

    Supported by statistics from recent studies, we quantify how employee advocacy can benefit you.

  • How investing in an Employee Advocacy program can increase loyalty, trust, leads & talent

    With the example of a Fortune 500 MNC, we list the benefits of using existing resources as marketing agents.

  • Top mistakes to avoid when launching an Employee Advocacy program

    Having learnt from experience, we share the most common pitfalls in an employee advocacy program and ways you could avoid them.