Reading between the Lines: Lessons from 2017 That’ll Help Grow Your Business 10x in 2018

Reading between the Lines: Lessons from 2017 That’ll Help Grow Your Business 10x in 2018

Every start-up with a big competitor knows the feeling – when you’re the little guy, you’re never the “safe” option. The trouble is that most people who choose the “safe” option do so because there are several others who have already used the service before.

So here we are. Our very own Catch 22. To be considered a safe choice, we need to have a legion of users. But to get that legion of users, we need to be the safe choice. It’s frustrating, maddening, and annoying all at the same time.

While we continually learn – and we know we have quite a distance to go – we’ve gotten pretty good over the last few years.

One thing that has helped us get here is using our client testimonials to learn more and overcome potential failings.
But testimonials are all praise… Well, they are. But if you look closely enough, they’ll give you insights into what your clients really love about your product, and incidentally, even what they don’t.

For instance, if 8 out of 10 praise Feature A, you know you’re doing something right and can use it as a key selling point. But, if none of them talk about Feature B – something you think is smack dab amazing – maybe it’s time to revisit the drawing board and check out why they don’t share your enthusiasm.

In keeping with tradition, we’ve chosen three random testimonials from our client base in 2017 and broken them down to find what’s within –

Supportive, responsive and flexible staff! SocioAdvocacy has exponentially increased employees’ social media usage, spreading our company’s mission even further.

Lesson learned: Good after sales customer service is totally underrated.

Never underestimate the power of some good ol’ fashioned word-of-mouth. Given that we bagged 3x more clients through referrals than any other method of marketing or sales, it proves that consumers nowadays live for the experience more than the commodity. So focus on the experience your product/service can offer, more than the product itself.

SocioAdvocacy powers our Social Sher program and has helped us rethink the way we engage our employees and customers through social media. The results achieved have been way beyond our expectations and they are set to play an integral part in integrating social media technology into the day to working of a digitally focused organization.

Lesson learned: This is no time to be on the fence about Employee Advocacy. The time to take a leap is NOW.

This one’s two for two. Not only have our clients seen the benefits that employee advocacy has to offer, but advocacy marketing saw a massive 587% increase from 2016 to 2017. Yes, macro influencers still deliver, but they’re also a lot heavier on the pocket. If the marketing gurus are to be believed, 2018 will see the implementation of both macro and micro influencers in marketing strategies.

SocioAdvocacy has delivered the perfect solution to drive our inside-out marketing requirements. Not only are our employees frequently updated about the company news and products but it effortlessly allows them to spread the word on their social networks.

Lesson learned: An energized workforce feeds on good internal communication

This one hit the mark with every one of our clients. Without effective communication, your employees are virtually walking blind. Regardless of whether it’s the launch of a new product, the company’s mission for the year, or just what’s happening in this Friday’s minute-game, communicating it in a timely and effective manner could be the decider when you’re aiming for an engaged workforce.

So, to all the little guys out there, if you’re looking for a nudge, focus on these practices. It’ll take you a long way with just the right bit of effort!

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