NextGen MarTech: The Age of Artificial Intelligence

NextGen MarTech: The Age of Artificial Intelligence

Moving past strides, the world as we know it is taking leaps in technology. Ever since the turn of the millennium, new benchmarks have been set in the development of the next cool software or gadget.

From the launch of the very first smartphone to the latest – home assistants, there’s a lot that’s pushing marketers to look beyond the usual, and take the leap towards embracing technology to help them achieve their goals.

We’ve tried to encompass how marketers can positively use the AI movement and come out on top. Take a look, some of these numbers might surprise you!


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Although AI has been making waves for a while, there’s no denying the huge opportunities that it holds. With the applications of IoT in marketing, those who haven’t considered adopting AI in their strategies are soon bound to be left behind.

Have you considered factoring in AI into your strategy yet? Let us know how you plan on

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